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Bleach* Festival - 4 to 20 March 2016



Bleach* Festival illuminates, reflects, beams, focuses and most importantly connects art, with community…go with them and challenge the conventional as they strive to change perceptions.As the signature annual multi-arts festival of the Gold Coast, they shine a light on their unique creativity and culture by presenting the city in a new way, to new audiences, both locally and internationally as they build towards the 2018 Commonwealth Games and beyond.Quintessentially Gold Coast, Bleach* Festival celebrates the city’s best artists, welcomes renowned Australian and international collaborators and engages a broad audience through a range of accessible events.Utilising the Gold Coast’s world famous natural landscapes as unconventional venues, Bleach* Festival is a platform for expression, curated to encourage community ownership and participation, provide legacy building capacity and ultimately play a role amongst the world’s leading arts sector festivals.

Further details of the wide range of events held as part of the Bleach* Festival available at: